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Over the years, we have developed ourselves into specialists by working closely with companies in the healthcare sector.

Our vision for applications in healthcare is to seamlessly connect them to the needs of healthcare providers, clients, patients and suppliers. Increasing the efficiency and improving the quality of care for clients.

Healthcare and digitalization

The healthcare environment is always changing. Healthcare providers need to do more with less budget every year. This is due to the high pressure on care and the staff shortage.

Therefore, it has been so important to innovate. Digitalization can help reduce the pressure and reduce costs, keeping healthcare affordable for all. Eppix is ​​committed to this and is happy to think along with you about your digitization challenges!

Why digitization? Because smart applications save time and money! So that you have more time and money to improve the quality of care for patients and clients.

Together towards better healthcare!


Purposeful and secure


All data is stored securely according to national and international standards. We are NEN 7510, ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 certified. Putting the safety of your data and that of your clients first.

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Solutions that focus on your challenges and are easy to use. Helping you to save time and money.


Computers do not make human errors. It also makes it easier to make informed decisions and identify potential errors early.




A selection of our healthcare cases


A small company with a large reach, our healthcare applications are used worldwide.

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