Knowledge platform for medical professionals

Abbott Laboratories

Knowledge shared is knowledge squared. With this in mind, the idea was born to develop a knowledge platform that would enable Abbott Laboratories to strengthen its position. Constant development has resulted in a valuable platform called Abbott Mentor. To this day, this web application continues to be further developed, it is used by medical professionals in 95 countries and deployed within a growing number of divisions at Abbott.

The challenge

Abbott’s products must be used only by certified professionals and hospitals. This requires customized training programs for both physicians and employees of Abbott. Currently, a lot of paperwork is being used on various fronts and work is performed inefficiently. Sharing knowledge and recording required information is not a perk but a must. Can all of this be incorporated into a single system, in which users are informed and encouraged attractively while following local laws and regulations worldwide?

The Approach

A multifaceted system involving various disciplines with both internal and external requires a centralized and organized approach. Our team of experienced developers and designers identified the most important requirements in close cooperation with Abbott. These requirements have been converted into wireframes, designs and technical end products.

The platform was built from scratch using Laravel (a PHP-web framework). By using Laravel our programmers can scale up quickly and effortlessly. This provides a stable foundation with enough flexibility for the future.

Because this platform is under continuous development, we work in an Agile way. By recording the constant stream of new functional and graphic requirements in a backlog, our product owner determines, in consultation with the client, which tasks will be given priority in the upcoming sprints. This close cooperation ensures an optimal intermediate product and result.

The result

Intensive collaboration
Over the past few years, Eppix has worked closely with Abbott Laboratories to develop Abbott Mentor, which is used for both training and registration purposes, as well as for sharing information.

Abbott Mentor as Training Tool
Training is delivered through online training, practical training and under supervision during live cases. The content of these components is completely created and customized by Abbott. Furthermore, the progress of the training programs and trainees is closely monitored by assigned physicians and/or Abbott staff. This gives Abbott an exact picture of the current status and progress on both the individual and the group level.

Abbott Mentor goes beyond the traditional Learning Management Systems
In addition, the system provides insight into different layers within the organization. From certifying employees through personalized training to exchanging shared resources. All of this is on a country and user-specific level.

Anytime, anywhere and secure
Eppix is providing a total solution that is available anytime and anywhere in the world through a secure login environment, suitable for any device. Eppix works according to the ISO 27001, ISO 9001 and NEN 7510 standards, quality and information security are guaranteed.

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