Our culture

Flexible, committed, strong-minded and equality are the four cornerstones of our culture.


At Eppix we value flexibility since everyone is different. Every person has their way of working. Some might prefer to sit in that one spot by the window while others would rather work in the comfort of their own home. Whatever your preference, it is important to us that everyone feels comfortable. We believe that flexibility makes work more enjoyable. This joy ensures the best result. The flexibility at Eppix is reflected internally, but also externally. Since it contributes to the collaboration between the Eppix team and its clients. Allowing them to easily get in touch with us, be it work-related or just to have a cup of coffee.


Our commitment is reflected both internally and externally; At Eppix, we focus on high-end and tailor-made products. Therefore, we like to build long term relationships with our customers and commit ourselves to their challenges. Internally we commit ourselves to each other, creating the feeling that your colleagues are there for you: one for all, and all for one.


At Eppix, we have become experts in our area; developing epic web solutions. Therefore, we like to give our input towards clients, even if the client had something else in mind. Using our knowledge, we help clients take the next step. Not yes-men, but critical thinkers. That’s what makes us reliable colleagues and partners.


At Eppix, everybody gets a say. This ensures that creativity and personal input have free rein. Sharing your opinion is important, and we believe that it is easier to share an opinion among equals.

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