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We excel in simplifying complex business processes by creating tailor-made online solutions.

Web applications

Eppix is specialized in the development of tailormade web applications; applications that exactly match the need of your organisations. User-friendliness and integration with your existing systems and processes are at the core of our focus. The development of these applications always takes place according to various strict quality requirements.

Web applications are very suitable for digitizing various processes. For example, an online environment where your customers can log in and use your services or a better way to communicate and exchange information with stakeholders. Are examples of good reasons for digitalization

A web application is an online software that can be used anywhere, anytime, and without download or installation. All a user needs is a PC, tablet, or mobile with an internet connection. Because of this low barrier, a web application lends itself as the ideal solution to engage customers with your platform.

The advantages of digitalization summarized:

  • Digitalizing safes a significant amount of time, saving money and personnel
  • Applications don’t make human errors
  • Valuable data can be collected and provide new insights   
  • Digitalizing is valuable for the environment

We believe that the perfect web application is developed through collaboration. That is why we like to work actively together with our customers. Therefore, the customer often directly communicates with the developer, which helps to keep lead times short. At Eppix, we use short sprints (a short period of a few weeks), therefore, we can quickly change directions and build a digital bridge that can easily grow with your organisation.


In addition to tailor-made solutions, we also offer SaaS solutions. A SaaS solution is a ready-to-use application. This limits the risk for the customer because there is no prior tailoring. Therefore the implementation time is short and the set-up costs are low. In addition, the costs are subscription-based and can be cancelled monthly.

One SaaS solution that we are extremely proud of is Eppix Mentor. This application enables medical device manufacturers to train and certify medical professionals around the world to use their products.  At the same time, Eppix Mentor covers all kinds of risks for the manufacturer. First of all, risks are reduced by applying a consistent way of training. Furthermore, the application provides a clear and verifiable overview of all certified users of your products. Finally, different training courses can be offered to different user groups based on, for example, regulatory regions. This flexibility makes it easy to meet the different training requirements in different parts of the world.


Starting with the basics and need a website first? We understand that it is nice to arrange everything under one roof. That is why we also provide websites.

A website is one of the most important touchpoints of your organization. That is why we focus on websites that suit you. Customized websites. Together we develop a website that exactly meets your needs.

We work with a combination of developers and designers, a combination of creativity and functionality. With a focus on the latest techniques. User-friendliness and flexibility are central to a website built by Eppix. Users must be able to find the right information quickly, but it must also be easy to change it. That is why we use Redspot CMS. Redspot makes it possible to easily change texts, pages and images yourself

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