Thinking from the customers perspective


Expectations is a case of which we are proud. Expectations helps their customers find new opportunities within the B2B market, by testing their expectations. With their specialized methodology, they investigate the expectations of customers. Their goal? Making organisation use a customer perspective. By mapping expectations early in the process, higher customer satisfaction can be reached. How to manage and reach those expectations, is where Expectations excels.

The challenge

Expectations was looking for a simple tool that their customers could use. While enabling Expectations’ personalized approach. Therefore, the web application had to be intuitive to use. The user must be able to provide input of their expectations in a simple way, which are then clearly displayed in the application to the account manager. Who in the end, wants to directly download the reports from the application.

Our approach

The application for Expectations is a product that has grown over time. Suggestions for new extensions to the application were communicated directly from the customer to the developer. Through active feedback from Expectations, the developer ensured that the project remained manageable in terms of costs and time investment.

The result

The result is a tool that has been nominated for the CX & CRM innovation award of 2017. The tool now plays an important role within Expectations’ step-by-step plan. It supports its clients to map their customer expectations intuitively and easily. Because the application focuses on one simple question: “What does the customer expect from your relationship?”. So instead of focusing on experiences like customer satisfaction surveys, it focuses on a personal approach that ensures a higher response rate. With this, Expectations can help to make a concrete step-by-step plan. The application has helped Expectations to guide their clients in taking steps forward in a personalized way.

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