Customer portal for factoring


For CashFlex we developed a website that includes a customer portal. CashFlex offers entrepreneurs a total solution for their working capital financing through factoring. Factoring at CashFlex consists of financing in combination with debtor management and credit insurance. CashFlex customers get access to their factoring portal in which they can process invoices.

The challenge

A factoring solution must be suitable for every company. The CashFlex customer sells his receivables and immediately has a cash flow, without worrying about exceeding the payment term. As a result, risks are outsourced. After a simple acceptance process, in which only the creditworthiness of the customer is important, it must be possible to quickly enter the customer in the customer portal.

It is important for CashFlex customers that the system works as simply as possible. Short lines of communication; send your invoices and receive payment of the invoice within 48 hours. Of course, after deduction of the agreed costs. An API link with the Twinfield accounting package ensures that the exact payment status is transparent for both the customer and CashFlex.

Our approach

Intensive sessions between our team and CashFlex helped map the complex information flows. Moreover, to optimally link the processing options to the invoice processing process, collaboration has taken place between the Eppix team and Klippa.

A link was created with the Chamber of Commerce, allowing company data to be retrieved in one click. Saving time and preventing errors. All this was combined in one user-friendly design.

The result

After added debtors have been approved by Cashflex, a customer can start with sending their invoices. Submitting invoices is done via your CashFlex e-mail address. These invoices are then processed by Klippa’s intelligent OCR., after which they are automatically processed by the customer portal.

When an invoice exceeds the credit limit of the customer, or the prespecified conditions are not met, the invoice will be withheld for manual control. By generating a payment file, payments can be made several times a day. The circle is completed as soon as the debtor pays the invoice directly through CashFlex. Through the link with Twinfield, the system registers the invoice as paid. This way CashFlex remains in full control.

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