Meet Rens

Who am I

I am Rens, 30 years old and live in Arnhem. In 2016 I graduated in computer science studies at HAN University of Applied Sciences and I have been working as a Full-stack Developer at Eppix for the past four years.

Besides being a satisfied developer at Eppix, I have recently become a proud home-owner and am now equipping this house with the latest smart home automation. I l live here with my girlfriend and two pets, Mo and Jo (budgerigars). In my new garden, I like to grow my own vegetables.


My hobbies are very diverse. You can find me on the squash course or going for a run outside. Moreover, I have an above-average interest in cars and motorbikes. I like to tinker with them and go for a drive with my bike in the summer. Lastly, gaming should not be forgotten when mentioning my hobbies.

My job within IT

My job as a Full-stack developer is very diverse and challenging. There is a lot of diversity between different projects. At Eppix, they are open to your ideas, which you get to develop yourself. Developing your ideas is an awesome part of the job.

What do I like the most about my job? My days are always different. At one moment in time, I am working on a website for a customer, at another, I am working on a large scale application in the medical sector. It involves a lot of tailor-made products, which keeps it challenging.

Of course, there are always parts of the job you are less fond of, fortunately, they are limited. Sometimes it can be a bit chaotic because you are working on a lot of different products, you need to be able to deal with that. However, that doesn’t make the work itself any less fun.

Competencies that are important as someone who is working in IT? Of course, it is nice if someone understands Laravel, CSS, PHP and Javascript. But soft skills are also very important, are your working methods structured, are you social, etc.? A good addition to our team is someone who already has programming knowledge and can use this to help us make the right decisions.

 “At Eppix, they are open to your ideas, which you get to develop yourself. Developing your ideas is an awesome part of the job"

Why do I work at Eppix?

I started working at Eppix via someone in my network. After my studies, I started my first full-time job, however, this was not the place for me. Therefore, I started looking for a new challenge, and someone recommended Eppix. I applied for a job and after a nice introduction and a pleasant interview, I joined the team. Four years later I am still glad to be working for Eppix.

Why am I staying at Eppix? I like the organisation. I have a nice team of colleagues and the organisation is not hierarchical, so the lines are short. Thinking along and sharing your ideas is appreciated. Which allows you to apply them in practice.

Eppix is an organisation where learning is a key part and fits well with the other social aspects of the organisation. We regularly visit conventions, also outside of the Netherlands. Moreover, every Friday we have drinks with the team and other activities are planned regularly.

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