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Eppix in a nutshell

15 Eppix colleagues
Founded in 2009
27 web applications delivered
Used in 95 countries
285 websites delivered
15,000+ users

Mission and Vision

Our Mision

Deliver tailor-made online solutions that allow companies to reach their full potential.

Our vision

Digitalization connects. Although the digital age has been around for quite some time, we still see a lot of potential untapped. By digitizing you bring people closer together and speed up processes. For example, by improving internal communication or by making your services available to customers through an online environment. In short, digitization connects.

Our Culture

The formula of our success

Flexibility, commitment, strong-mindedness and heterarchy are the cornerstones of our culture and the formula of our success.

No idea what a heterarchy is? Or would you like to know how these elements can be felt in the workplace?

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Our team

Software Developer Sander
Business Developer Teun
Management Assistant Susanne
Software Developer Rens
Project Manager & Developer Thijs
Software Developer Kevin
Software Developer Erwin
Founder - CEO Ton
Security & Quality Officer Jaap
Software Developer Arno
Designer & Tester Luuk
Account Consultant Mark
Tester Tom
Back-end Developer Patrick
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